Located in the heart of Old Montreal, steps away from the Old Harbor, the Galerie Lydia Monaro has tangibly contributed to the success of her artists for the past 40 years.

If all art galleries are unique, some are simply uncommon, and the Galerie Lydia Monaro is one of those. Its director, Lydia Monaro, whose name evokes her Italian origins, is susceptible to fall in love at first sight. In her professional life, this particularity becomes a precious quality: when she chooses the artists she works with, passion always overrules reason.
Thus the apparent heteroclite group made of the 20 artists the Gallery represents, reveals the curiosity and various field of interests of its director. Lydia Monaro’s heartfelt choices are reflected in the multitude of talents she is introducing to her clients.

All of the artists have developed a solid relationship and a long lasting professional collaboration with the gallery. For Lydia Monaro, it is the only conceivable way to discover a work in all its complexity.


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