Sylvain Tremblay

The work in short

Canadian-born artist, Sylvain Tremblay’s paintings are rich in texture and subtle expression. His artwork is made available worldwide through galleries in New York, London, Paris, Hong Kong, Venice, Monaco, Singapore, Seoul, Dubai and Miami.

Sylvain Tremblay is a self-taught illustrator. Subsequently, he followed parallel paths for many years, by day forging a career in advertising, and by night, exploring an ever-increasing passion for painting. The latter provided the perfect setting for creative experimentation, free of the constraints and expectations present in his professional life.  
At 34, he leaves the advertising world and commits himself full-time to his painting. It will take two years before his initial breakthrough. Since then, his work circles the globe.  
The paintings, boldly glowing with Sylvain Tremblay’s signature veneer, have streamlined compositions playing against the abstract checkerboard of colour planes. They serve as backdrops for the textural figures in his work. The paintings are striking, the emerging human form roughly sketched, elongated figures inspired by the works of Alberto Giacometti’s crudely moulded stick men. As one approaches the painting, the many layers of varnish, undulating, almost moving, begin to release their hidden images creating an abstract landscape for the human forms within the piece.
Sylvain Tremblay’s works have always been anchored in the inescapable passage of time, use and texture. His themes converge on the human condition in an industrialised, urban context. Although the artist works on canvas, he sees his paintings as something closer to sculpture.  
Tremblay shapes his human figures with the idea in mind of a sculpture, weathered by time and the natural elements. “I want my art to express the way life experience weathers us physically and emotionally. That’s why I love working with textures: the crackling and overall look of used, weathered, lived in.”

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